New Rubber Flat Roof, Halifax

  • Location

    Croft Myl
    West Yorkshire

  • Work Undertaken

    New Rubber Flat Seamless Roof

  • Materials Used

    EPDM Rubber

  • Property Type

    1900s Mill

Crown Build also specialise in high access roofing, so no flat roof is out of our reach, like this one at Croft Myl which we completed last month.

Single Ply Roofing Membranes are designed to be installed in one layer and are glued or fastened directly over the roof insulation material. Single Ply Membrane is an ideal solution for any size flat roof surface as it is manufactured to be installed with minimal seams; thus maximising the efficiency and water tight capabilities of your roof.

For more information on our flat roofing services, please see our Flat Roofing Page.

image of new rubber flat roof at croft myl Halifax