Velux Roof Windows Certified Installer

A perfectly fitted VELUX® window can transform your home and really bring your projects to life!

VELUX roof windows can bring in twice the amount of daylight into an extension, compared to vertical windows of the same size, or totally transform your loft into a brand new space.  Let Crown Build of Halifax create a better indoor climate for you and your family by replacing your old skylight roof windows with VELUX roof windows.  The VELUX INGEGRA® electric and solar options put control of light and fresh air at your fingertips.

We specialise in all types of VELUX window installations; from any size or quantity, and into a variety of different roofing types. Perfect for skylight windows, new attic windows, loft windows, balcony and roof terrace windows and extension windows. Contact Crown today for all your skylight roof installation needs.

Why VELUX Roof Windows?

Reasons why Crown Build choose VELUX windows:

  • 70 years in the business
  • Tried, tested and guaranteed
  • Cutting edge manufacturing
  • Zero defect philosophy
  • Rigorously tested
  • Comprehensive guarantee

Transform your extension

Most people have an idea of what they’d do with some extra space in their home. It could be a play room for the children to play in, or a kitchen/dining room extension suitable for the whole family to gather. Crown Building Services will help you extend your living space, and by installing VELUX roof windows, we will help transform your house into a dream home.

Crown Build use VELUX roof windows because of the number of benefits they bring to our design projects:

  • VELUX roof windows can bring in twice as much daylight as vertical windows of the same size by allowing light to penetrate deeper into the original part of the home.
  • Without VELUX roof windows an extension can make the original room area become darker as the natural light source is moved further away.
  • If we extend your kitchen space, eliminating heat and food smells is important. The VELUX INTEGRA solar and electric roof windows, perfect for out-of-reach situations, make ventilating the space easier and smarter thanks to the innovative control panel.

Replacing your old skylight windows

Using Crown Build to replace your old skylight roof windows with new VELUX roof windows won’t just make your home look better. We can improve your indoor climate, energy efficiency and the amount of daylight you enjoy.  VELUX have provided the same range of roof window sizes for the last 40 years, so it is usually very easy for us to find you a match.

  • You can now choose from a much wider range of glazing options, including enhanced noise reduction, privacy, security and even triple glazing.
  • There’s more choice of finishes (white polyurethane, white painted and pine) and methods of operation (centre-pivot, top-hung and VELUX INGEGRA) than before.
  • Replacing a VELUX roof window can be done in little time and with minimum disruption to your current internal and external finishing.
  • With the costs of utility supplies on the rise, increasing the energy efficiency of your home can help reduce household bills. Replacing an old roof window with a new VELUX ThermoTechnology™ roof window, with innovative high performance materials, means less energy is uses and heat is retained in the home.

VELUX Products

Here are just a few of the VELUX Window products we work with to bring you a beautiful home.

VELUX roof windows centre-pivot

image of VELUX GGL clear lacquer centre-pivot roof window


GGL clear lacquer

image of VELUX GGL white painted centre-pivot roof window


GGL white painted

image of VELUX GGU polyurethane centre-pivot roof window


GGU polyurethane

image of VELUX window installation - crown build certified installer

VELUX roof windows top-hung

image of VELUX skylight roof window installation bradford halifax certified installer
image of VELUX roof window top hung GPL clear laquer


GPL clear lacquer

image of VELUX roof window top hung GPL white painted


GPL white painted

image of VELUX roof window top hung GPU polyurethane


GPU polyurethane

VELUX roof windows VELUX CABRIO balcony

image of VELUX CABRIO balcony GDL clear laquer


GDL clear lacquer

image of VELUX CABRIO balcony GDL white painted


GDL white painted

image of Velux roof window installation

VELUX roof windows roof terrace

image of velux roof terrace GEL installation.
image of VELUX roof terrace GEL clear laquer

Roof terrace

GEL clear laquer

image of VELUX roof terrace GEL white painted

Roof terrace

GEL white painted

image of Velux Window Logo for Crown Build Website
image of VELUX signature bringing light to life.

CROWN Roofing – The preferred choice

Crown Roofing and Building is the perfect partner to work with you on transforming your home to make it brighter and more comfortable as well as healthier and more energy efficient. A VELUX roofing solution installed by Crown will replace artificial lighting with natural daylight and introduce fresh, clean air to every room in the house.  Our installations can offer free solar heating in the cold winter months and natural cooling in the summer.  Your home energy profile will improve thanks to the advanced ThermoTechnology and high insulation panes.

Crown Roofing and Building operate throughout West Yorkshire and Lancashire including Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield, Oldham, Rochdale and Burnley and more.

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